Radical Racer - The Hammors!

Concept sketches and color studies

Concept sketches and color studies

UPDATE Aug 12, 2020: YAY! I won second place!
Winners page: https://www.deviantart.com/team/journal/Original-Character-Challenge-Radical-Racer-845071842

Here's my entry for DeviantArt's OCC Radical Racer. Went for more scifi-ish vehicle driven by these adorable but always angry hamsters. I mean Hammors. They don't want to be called as hamsters. Racing for almost a century now, they are known to be one of the best in the world.

XP-1128 BOLT SLICE Vehicle - This is the 13th generation of it’s kind exclusively produce only in district Hamsworld. The vehicle is driven by Hammors only because of the small driver seat size. Though they don’t want to admit it’s the real reason why. The vehicle is powered by achron energy. Equipped with 2 weapons/traps,the slicer gun and chew bombs. It can reach a speed up to @!&$%E km/h. (The Hammors insisted for that because there saying the speed of their vehicles can not be measured.) Around the vehicle is an achron energy disk wheel that basically make it move.Inside, there is a ball use for acceleration. Upon seeing it personally, it really looks like a big and soft toy ball.

Vehicle Configuration:
Vehicle can be modified and transformed to horizontal configuration for the purpose of terrain constraints and horizontal slicing attacks.

Special Tricks:
1. SLICER GUN - Laser-concentrated weapon that get it’s charge from the disk wheels and fires off energy-powered sonic waves that slices through metal.
2. CHEW BOMBS - Detonating bombs that scatters goo on explosion. It destabilize enemy mobility. Also interrupts field of view on time of explosion.

Lucky Charm:
ENERGON - The Hammors are saying it’s an energy reserve shrunk into a marble but really it’s just a toy. They just don’t want to admit it.

July 2, 2020